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E-Discovery: From the Judge's Perspective
Find out what judges are looking for when lawyers present e-discovery in the courtroom.

E-Mail Governance for SMBs from IBM
The IBM CommonStore E-Mail Archiving Solution can help small- and mid-sized clients with e-mail management and governance, improve e-mail efficiency, and support legal requests. Find out more.

Teamwork Solutions ProcessIt! Document Library 8 for IBM Lotus Notes
Product suite helps manage creation, updating, and archiving of documents.

Evidence Deletion and Spoliation
Whether by accident or on purpose, you might delete evidence you should have saved, and that others might still be able to recover.

Employees Complete Millions of Ethics and Compliance Courses Online
Online courses ranging from business ethics and careful communication to workplace harassment and anti-bribery laws experience growth.

Large U.S. Companies Hire E-Mail Readers for Security and Compliance
Survey finds that 38 percent of companies with 1,000 or more employees hire staff to read or analyze outbound e-mail.

E-Discovery Metadata in the Real World
Here are some examples of discovery disputes pertaining to metadata.

Will My Children Be Able To Afford A Home?
Start by teaching them what it takes to own property.